STILL sewing for Halloween! Or, why I hate sleeves.

I got stuck, and left the Big One’s Harry Potter robe alone for a while, Too long, actually.

I am much closer to done after some work over the past 2 days, though.

I have realized that 1) It would have been cheaper and far less frustrating¬† to just buy it, and 2) I shouldn’t attempt projects without a pattern if I don’t have previous experience and/or a really good tutorial.

I’m making a fully lined, hooded cloak with bell sleeves and a toggle button closure. I ordered a Ravenclaw patch on Etsy – cheap, quick shipping and perfect! It totally creates the mood and will finish the look.

The sleeves. Oh, the sleeves. Normally I sew bags — tote bags, makeup bags, zippered pouches, backpacks, messenger bags — nothing with sleeves. I have made girls dresses with short, elastic hemmed sleeves. With a tutorial. This I’m doing all on my own, and it’s been a LOT of learning experiences! Yesterday I ripped out one lining sleeve 2 times, and the other lining sleeve one time. Then I decided to sew the end of the sleeves together, but when I turned it right side out it was a Frankenstein arm. NOT right. Ah, well. Set it aside, I’ll rip it out tomorrow.

The Little One wanted to be Anna from Frozen, and when I found just what she wanted, WITH a capelet that had a “jewel” at the neck, I ordered it — under $20, shipped? Fine. Good. Great! And it’s super cute and she loves it.

I can only hope after the hours put into the Harry Potter robe, the Big One love it, too.


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