Busy busy busy

Summer. I love it. The heat, the relaxed schedule, the kids enjoying life and each other’s company … when it’s all working together, it’;s amazing. Ah, this life!

I have been busy busy busy at home – we’re painting the interior of the new house. OK, new to us; it’s an old house.

I have been busy busy busy at work – corporate laid off dozens in my location over the past two days, so it’s been stressful and sad.

I have been busy busy busy ¬†with the girls – fun in the yard, fun at the library, school shopping is done, school sewing is not even started, but we have plans! Fabric purchased and tutorials picked out, it’ll get done, hopefully, in these last weeks before school starts. I am planning peasant dresses for both girls, fully lined rainbow skirts with a scalloped hem … stay tuned!


I have been busy busy busy sewing Рsince last I posted, I have made reversible bucket hats for myself and both girls, some American Girl Itty Bitty Baby doll clothes  (including this self-drafted, shirred bodice sundress from a scrap!) and a messenger bag as a gift for my Mom. Which I have to finish tomorrow.

Stay tuned for tutorial reviews on each of these projects!